Monday, October 2, 2006

So whatrya gonna do when ya get attacked by coyotes?

Except for poison ivy, hemlock and the occasional falling black walnut wild dog woods is tame. Empty, I thought, I knew. Empty except for me, puppy, two, sometimes three cats, the occasional raccoon, a yearling red tail hawk, assorted song birds. Safe.

As the voice of doom is inclined to do, noticing that I was about to enjoy a relaxing hour in the woods the impending doom spoke.  "Whatrya gonna do when ya get attacked by coyotes"?

Coyotes? What? We don't have coyotes here. I have never seen a deer in the woods, though they do wander through - I have seen their tracks.  Hunters, those creatures I ran off years ago.  Coyotes?

I watch for ravenous packs of mangy, rabid, flea infested wolf wannabes now even though I know that they aren't there. The power of suggestion is a force to be reconed with. My counter?  I also look for wildflowers and angels pretty much in that order 'cause the former I have seen in the woods and I am as likely to see the latter as I am to see coyotes, and last I checked, angels don't bite.


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mosie1944 said...

We have plenty of coyotes here; I rather admire them.  When a train passes at night, they all howl, and it makes the eeriest noise.

memes121 said...

We have bobcat. Tammy

thisismary said...

Coyotes and Bobcat!  See!  Some people have all the fun neighbors!