Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sister A Puts Her Foot Down

Sister A sent me a note -- paraphrasing here ... get off your ass and write, when did you ever care what anyone said about you, you still owe us 2 weird things and no making AND wearing cloud pants does not count as one each. More or less what she said, more or less.

Speaking of more or less. In the future, this journal is going to be about walkies, weather, my version of family memories and thoughts that wander through my brain.  Dogs don't care what you write about them, the weather 'round here doesn't stay long enough to notice what anyone has to say, my sisters will let me know if I over embroider family memories and if I choose to prove that yes indeedy do, I went round the mental bend and right over the cliff edge long ago, well, it should also become apparent that when I hit bottom,  I bounce.

Right now I have this mental image of a beautiful grass edged cliff, blue sky, light breeze and every few seconds the sound of whoopin and a hollerin as a woman shoots skyward, does a summersault and descends out of view.