Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let It Snow!

As if I could make it stop ...  Lauging.

On the up side -- it has not snowed as much as the weather folk preditcted.  It has not blown around as much as they said either.

But it did and it is and Fabiola talked about it here .... and linked to a really cool online snowflake maker gadget.  Fun fun Fun!

And here ...  Walk in the snowy woods

And here ...   Railroad snow photos

And I am putting one photo from today here ...


Friday, November 30, 2007

Customers CAN be wrong -- this one threw in Evil to boot

Cutomers can be wrong, and nasty.  I was behind one today at checkout. 

Toilet Paper, Bread, Milk and Eggs can protect your from any weather emergency


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ha! Kroger sent me a survey!

Ha!  I just filled out an on-line marketing survey for guess which store?  Yep! Myfavoritestoreinthewholeworld Kroger.

The marketing company emailed me the link to the survey because I have a Kroger card, and use it. As I clicked my way through the series of questions, I kept waiting for a question along the lines of ...  do you, buy chance, keep a blog and record audio entries from the grocery store, from time to time?  They didn't think to ask that. LOL.

Why would they?  They did have a question that asked why I shopped there, I could have picked 3 answers, they got one.  Friendly helpful employees.  To me that matters more than prices, selection, deli, produce, bakery, pharmacy or whether or not they have seafood.  The Kroger stores in this area have the friendly helpful thing down.

Friendly helpful employees is why I shop the Kroger and why I can't think of one thing that the stores with the surly or pointedly disinterested employees could do to get me to shop there unless I HAVE to go there.


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Monday, November 26, 2007

New posts on my other blogs ...

Fabiola and I are starting to duke it out over Christmas.

Go here to ready My version

Go here to see what Fabiola has to say.

I will cut and paste my story here in the next day or two, but it is available now with just a click!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fallen Leaves and Potato Salad

If you are taking some time this weekend to shop or start putting up your holiday decorations (or in my case -- wander aimlessly through the woods takin' pictures before putting up holiday decorations) AND you are local to Findlay, Tiffin, Fostoria or Carey -- Ohio, give yourself a break from cooking dinner tonight. Drive to 11 North Perry Street, New Riegel, Ohio. Paul's Market. Go back to the meat / deli counter. Ask for Lori's homemade potato salad.

Or homemade macaroni salad. Buy some. Pick-up somthing to go with it (I like ham for sandwiches, they also sell "ham chunks n slices" <-- that is what I call it, vacu packed in 2 or 3 pound packages another excellent excellent local product - no I mean it best ham I have ever tasted).

Now, I am a fair cook, been doing it for years, the fella grew up with a mother that could put together flavors like nobody's business. Evelyn was a great cook. Still, neither of us, on our best day, could come close to the (yes the rest of this post is going to be me enthusing about potato and macaroni salad) to the flavor of Lori's potato salad. Seriously. Little bit of mustard, little bit of pickle relish, boiled egg ... a zippy dressing that clings to the potatoes without going runny. Oh, and while the dressing has an amazing tangy sweet flavor it does not overwhelm the potato taste. I have no idea how she does it. I have been back 3 times to see if the first was just a fluke. Nope. Same wonderful salad every time.

Now, I am not just plugging a friend, I was in the store to pick up garlic knockers and ham chunks, went to the deli counter for potato salad, was asked if I had tried Lori's homemade salad, I said no - they spooned out a sample, I was forever hooked.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Something Other Than Beige ...

Best part of Thanksgiving? Left-overs. Left-over mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry / orange sauce. Pretty. And the two compliment each other taste-wise. Other than that, thinking about yesterday's two meals, the color of almost everything else was some form of beige. Turkey, gravy, potatoes, dressing a neutral palette if not neutral in taste.
Anyway. Sister J and I chatted on Wednesday evening. The conversation wandered here and there and one of the things she asked about was if I had done an audio entry from the grocery store while I did my shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't, mostly because I picked-up a thing or two every time I went shopping for the last month or so.
Why am I rambling?
Twinkie tiramisu. In my conversation with sister J. she mentioned that she was making and taking to her holiday feast tiramisu made using Twinkies instead of the sponge cake base. Somehow, I got the idea that it was a recipe associated with Disney, somehow. Possibly, it was just that I know my sis is the bigest Disney geek that ever lived and my brain just automatically attached the two ideas. Maybe. Regardless, It sounded really good. Really really good. I haven't eaten a Twinkie in years, I believe that they are going to be on the menu in the near future.
Recipe here once I pry it out of sister J.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank --- full

Today I am thankful for two wonderful meals, one at Aunt G's one here.  Tomorrow I am going to ...  I was going to say something about regret, but yanno, I won't.  Because every single calorie was worth it. 

That and for the first year ever, I did not burn the bottoms of brown and serve rolls.  How did I manage that?  I didn't buy any. That way I couldn't try to brown them, then burn them, then throw them away.  One Thanksgiving tradition gone!

I did not make green bean casarole either.  I made it last year, no one ate it, I threw that out too.  So ex-nay on the green bean casarole too.

I forgot the black olives!  This, I just remembered.

I discovered that cranberry relish is much better if a couple of spoonfuls of orange marmalade are added with the water and sugar, before adding the fresh cranberries. 

I ate too much today. Tomorrow I will start decorating for Christmas.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hearing Voices

Had to work yesterday.  All day.  Out in the wind.  It Was a beautiful day though, for November, especially for November.  But my whole day was climb into the backhoe, load the dry floater (similar but not quite the same as my ag-gator)  six or seven scoops.  Out of the backhoe, into the floater, PTO engaged, first gear, floor it, turn on the chain drive, bounce over the field until the floater is empty, drive back to the loading spot, out of the floater, into the backhoe ...
Over and over and over again.  Deadly dull, crazy making repetition, then came distraction in the form of a voice.  Now I don't usually hear voices (except for Fabiola's -- but I have gotten good at ignoring her - mostly), back to the voices that I usually don't hear.  Never hear in fact.  Except today.
It could have been the voice of an angel, one sent to motivate and cheer.  That voice could have been a child angel, at least at first.  The angelic motivation started as a low whispered - zoom zoom.  But then the angelic child was joined, at first by a single male voice; deep, resonant then!  Oh Glory! An entire holy host of voices started singing a song of joy!
zoom zoom zoom,
zoom zoom zoom zoom!
Come-on people!  Sing it with me!  You know the tune!
zoom zoom zoom,
zoom zoom zoom zoom!
Ok, I wasn't hearing voices, it wasn't angels.  It was a Mazda car commercial.  But that choir of voices singing!  Strange but true, a commercial got me through an otherwise deadly dull day.
I love that commercial.  The car pictured is not flying down a highway, skidding sideways through parking lots, going airborn off of a ramp.  That car is doing none of the ubiquitous, over done and ridiculous, dangerous, illegal, things that almost evey other car commercial shows (then warns you to NOT do in tiny print at the bottom of the screen). 
That car is not even moving. 
The singing, the idea!  With this campaign from the first whispered zoom zoom to this last, glorious chorus of zoom zoom zoom Mazda has conveyed the idea that you can get the feeling of zoom zoom, without actually moving.   Can I hear an Amen?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pepermint Stars and Shopping

Another audio entry from my favorite store in the whole world, Kroger.

Marshmallows. -- hot peppermint, not too sweet.  Excellent.

Amusing toilet tissue marketing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some People Talk To Themselves While They Are Driving ...

Some People Talk To Themselves While They Are Driving ...

And then there are those who fabricate entire personas, name them, give them their own blogs so that the conversations are more interesting.

I talk to myself when I am driving down the road.  If you ever see me doing it, now you will know what I am saying.

Stop by to visit if you haven't already.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Audio entry

Audio entry

Monday, October 15, 2007

What is a Floater? (asks a city girl.) [You can just tell, I bet she has never owned gum boots.]

Mrs. Linklater asks, I answer. 

First the question ... (s)

Okay, about the floater.  I've never heard of a big piece of machinery called a FLOATER.  [But then I've never known a woman who plays with trains either until you came along.] So I have no idea how big the floater is in relation to the clouds and corn mentioned in the picture -- and by the way, I can't see corn in this picture, just ground.  So help me out here, is your floater one of those machines with tires so huge they have restrooms?  Do you park it in a plane hanger?  Just why would anyone need to have one?   Mrs. L

Q. - How big is the Floater in relation to the clouds and corn? --

A. - Clouds - Cumulus clouds can be miles across and 4,000 ft high. The Floater is tiny in relation to those clouds. Infinitesimal. Insignificant. Clouds sneer at the Floater. 

Corn. Singular or the collective form of corn?   Compared to a corn kernel (about the size of a skittle or M&M).-- Monstrous! Compared to an ear of corn (about 10 - 12 inches long). Huge! Corn Plant (8 ft tall). 5 ft taller - 12 ft wider and 25 ft longer. Compared to a Sixty acre field of corn? Back to being a pissant. If an entire field of corn ganged-up on the floater, it could kick the floater's butt. 

Aside: The idea of Corn acting in unison to attack agricultural equipment is creeping a tiny bit too far into Steven King territory for me. Sorry that I went there. I am now going to have to keep an eye out for colluding ceral crops as well as flying spiders. 

Was that helpful? No?  Ok, just for you Mrs. L. -- if you walked up to one of the tires on the floater, right up close so that your nose was touching the tire, looking straight ahead, your eyes would be looking right at the top of the tire.  How do I know this?  I stuck my nose on the tire today.and held my camera at eye level.

(Mrs. L's eye view of the tires on my floater.)


Q. - Can't see the corn in this picture, is it there? --

A. - Yes, look waaaaaayyyyy in the background.  See that yellowish stripe?  That is standing corn the next field over.  My baby floater is sitting on smooshed down corn stubble. [Corn stubble is the bottom of the corn stalk -- say 6 to 8 inches left in the ground after harvesting.]

Q. - Just why would anyone need to have one? -

A. - Anyone?  Because the neighbor down the street went out and bought a Hummer and the military dosen't sell tanks?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Audio entry

Audio entry

Clouds and Corn

Ok this is not exactly a photo of clouds and corn.  It is a photo of clouds, corn and my floater.

The rest are clouds and corn.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

That's Not It ...

First it was too hot, blooming ragweed and flying spiders.  Yes, flying spiders. (Wouldn't THAT just give our Faux Cowboy the heebe-jeebes? [He really does have a thing about spiders, I would link to one of his spider tales, but that would require an effort on my part]).   Then the weather turned all cold and drizzly and I had to break out my winter jacket and wear it under my rain coat.  I was working.  I am sick of looking at corn, clouds and wildflowers.  You, however, may not be.  Will post photos once I transfer them from my phone to here.  Wherever here is.


Oh, the flying spiders.  Apparently, once some spiders hatch, they spin a long stream of spider silk into a breeze and away the little spider-ling goes into the breeze.  As it happens, durring the too hot, ragweed part of the month, spiders, hundreds and hundreds of spiders hatched, spun their silk, flew into the air and I was down wind.  Made me forget all about the too hot and rag weed pollen that day.  It did.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

County Fair

Chores done, clothes clean and pressed, boots polished, off into a sweet, cool, September Saturday we drove. Sun setting, crowd gathering, friends waving, calling out over the roar of the tractor pulls.


Eating Corn Dogs on sticks, and fried cheese walking through the displays of tractors and attachments and ...

And then the barns. Talked to the sheep and goats that felt like talking (they stand on their hind legs, front feet on the top rail of their pens and call out to passers-by). Clucked at indifferent chickens. Visited the Grand Champion Dairy Cow. Watched a youngster leading his show calf (and sometimes the other way round). Took a photo of sleeping pigs.

Talked to friends encountered walking on the mid-way.  Sat on a bench and watched the crowds: Giggling gaggles of teenaged girls, elderly couples holding hands, half asleep children with helium balloons just barely clutched in their hands.

Ate pink cotton candy twirled on a paper cone while waiting, shuffling forward, waiting as the line to buy a hot powdered sugar sprinkled funnel cakes moved slowly forward.

Funnel cakes are last and to eat on the way out of the fair, because funnel cakes always deposit a drift of white on fingers and down shirt fronts no matter how carefully you try to eat them. So we always buy the funnel cake last and eat it on the way out of the fair, 

as the evening ends and so does summer, after the last day of the last County Fair of the season.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007




Friday, September 7, 2007

Tracks To The Past -- Antique Power Show and Fall Festival

Fifth Annual Tracks To The Past Show
Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation, Inc. (a non-profit group of railroad enthusiasts)
located in Findlay, Ohio is holding an Antique Power Show and Fall Festival this weekend. September 8th and 9th.
An all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast starts at 8 am, the show starts at 9 am both days.
There will be Steam Train Rides, Antique Tractors, A Steam Traction Engine, Sawmill Demonstrations, Blacksmithing, A Huge Sandbox for the children to play in. Food ...
Great Times here folks!  If you are in or going to be near the area - stop in!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Photo Shoot 09-03-07

Frownie Sun Face on a Mushroom on the last "official" day of Summer
Even the Fungi don't want summer to end.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Turkey Carcass On The Lawn

Tonight the sky is so clear and bright that I swear that I can hear the stars singing. Today was another spectacular day.  Warm and bright and every moment in the sun a blessing.  September weather in August.  Amen!

Because it was cool today -- I roasted a turkey to have for dinner and other things for the next -- well, weeks.  Deep freezer filling time again. If I ever get snowed in, I will be good for months.  Oh, I am getting to the turkey carcass on the lawn, I am. 

Cats.  I have "barn cats" 12 of them.  The problem is that they have a whole different idea of themselves.  Lounging on the porch cats is what they think they are.  And mostly what they do.  Oh, they do the cat thing -- catching mousers and grasshoppers and butterflies  but that is because they want to.  Not because they have to.  Have you ever seen a dozen cats moving a feeder bin that holds an entire 25 pound bag of cat food from one end of the porch to the other to let the cat food provider know that the bin is EMPTY?  Not a pretty sight or sound.  The wrath of cats is terrifying.  Turkey carcass -- getting there.

Because the world's most spoiled barn cats (the ones that get to sleep in the house in storms and temperatures nearing or below 20 degrees, barn cats, yah, that's what they are) are the world's most spoiled cats, and because I already have 2 turkey carcasses in the freezer to become turkey stock, I placed the turkey remains in a foil pan on the lawn for the cats.

And tonight as I was listening to the singing of the stars, I could not understand why the stars smelled like roasted turkey.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Audio entry

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today Was A Perfect Day

Today Was A Perfect Day - Weather wise in any event.

Eighty degrees, bright blue sky, today was late summer at summer's best.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Inbetween the Rainstorm and Full Moon

Inbetween the rainstorm and the August Full Moon , a Luna Moth emerged.  Again, right beside the entrance to our maintenance shop.  I say again because for the last few years, very close to the same spot, a Luna has emerged and spread it's wings.

Not particularly close to any trees or bushes, not in a space that would be considered "safe" for a fragile emerging beauty, so far the Lunas have survived because we work around them.  Silly Moths, but beautiful!

Link to a Wikipedia article on Luna Moths


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rain and a Dark Road

Number one reason why you should think twice about moving out to the country?  If, oh, say it rains an unusual amount and an intersection that almost never floods, does.  And if the water is moving, and if it is dark, and if you drive into the shouldn't be there water, you may just find your full size SUV swept into a deep water filled ditch.

If you smash out your back window, escape drowning and heroically climb to the top of your vehicle, you may still spend hours sitting on the roof waiting for someone to notice.

Happened last tuesday morning, just down the road from me -- line of sight from my house.  I was sleeping, he was sitting on the top of his SUV (I presume NOT sleeping).  He is fine.  I feel bad that I wasn't awake to notice that someone needed help.  But that is what happens out in the middle of nowhere, in the night, if you end-up in a ditch full of water, in the country.  You handle it yourself, and wait for someone a quarter of a mile away to notice, or you wait until someone drives by (which was the case this time).

Just something to think about.  This one ended happy, I have two horror stories that didn't.  I will tell them some other time.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saint or Drag Queen?

My alter ego "Nonnie" has changed her name and her blog address -- to believe it or not -- Fabiola!  ACTUALLY it is a saint's name (I KNOW that the first thing that I thought was -- wow, what a great name for a Drag Queen!)  I was so there from that moment on.  Saint's or Drag Queen's name, how can you go wrong?

Anyway, Fabiola now has a blog on blogspot (replacing poor Nonnie, who sadly, while a lovely gal, shared a name with a biscotti manufacturer).

I transferred all my "Nonnie" posts over there and added a new one.  I promise to update Fabiola more often than I did Nonnie.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anybody remember Psssssst?

Once upon a time, in the days when hair was long and showers weren't three times a day there was a product to clean your hair without water. Psssssst. It smelled funny, didn't really work and if you accidentally sprayed it on your clothes - it left a white streak. Thankfully, Psssssst was banished to the good concept, bad reality closet.

Until now.  Someone has outed Psssssst. Take spray powder, add DEET and you have a product that smells funny, doesn't really work (as an insect repellant) and if you spray it on your clothes, it leaves white streaks. Unfortunately, spraying Off on your clothes is a necessary part of applying insect repellant.  Back to the oily insect repellant that smells funny but doesn't make me look like I have been assaulted by some urban tagger.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

And Then One Day In June

This time I wasn't waiting and wondering.  I wasn't looking, not this time this year. Same path, steps and green.  Even though I wasn't looking, the long hours of late June sunlight offered fragile magic. Again. One day they weren't. Lilies, blazing bright golden orange, today here, in a few days, gone.

Do I mourn because there isn't a chance that they will last more than a day or two, or do I celebrate that they happened at all? 

Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome Summer!!

Of course, summer officially started yesterday mid-two-pm-ish, but weather being weather, I thought that I would give it twenty four plus to settle in.

I wanted to post a link to a song that says "Summer", but the only ones that I could think of were "Beach Baby" not really suited to a flat part of the world that hasn't been close to organized water since the Great Black Swamp was drained, and "A Summer Song" by Chad and Jeremy, which is more of an end of summer song.

There you have it, a bran-spankin new season, and no song to go with it.

What song says "Summer" to you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bless All the Dirty People (too)

Mike Rowe for Sainthood. 

What!?!  Don't look at me like that!  There are patron Saints for everything (except dirty people, I looked). 

It could be the fact that I was reading through some of my favorite Blog's tonight.  And ran across one that I bookmarked, meant to comment upon, but didn't.

It could be my last entry.

It could be the fact that The Fella and I watch "Deadliest Catch" and keep asking ourselves how many times can we watch people empty crabs out of a pot and stay interested?  Forever, it seems. Shrug.

Mostly, for me it is because the TV show "Dirty Jobs" has made my life infinitely easier.  If , on the way home, I HAVE to stop somewhere, and I get the disgusted useless yuppie "look", I look them right in the eye and say "You've seen the show Dirty Jobs"?  I have one of those.  Instant recognition and almost always a laugh.  Once in a while, a particularly pasty, out of shape desk jocky flashes a look of envy, almost.  Bless you Mike Rowe.

Weird Thing number Five!

"Oh, hey! Mary, you're clean!" The note of surprise in the voice of a rep. for a general contractor we work for almost, but didn't quite override the intended humor of the exclamation.  Realizing that likely he never had seen me wearing anything other than jeans, a T-shirt and five to ten pounds of assorted dirt, I laughed.

Yes, Dona, my friend, I (finally) found weird thing number five.

5.  Somehow, I became the sort of woman that appears in public so dirty, so often, that people are taken aback when they see me clean.

For those of you that have no idea what Five Weird things I am talking about:


September 22, 2006 (yes, almost nine months ago)
Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One

Nothing like a jab from a friend to get a journaler going again.  Dona from Blue Skies ... Gentle Breezes taged me:

Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One :

This should be easy.

1.  I am fascinated by Project Runway.  Ok that is not so weird, lots of people are.  But here is the deal, I watch the contestants sweat hemlines and details and wonder how anyone could ever know what "fashon forward" really means, while thinking to myself the entire time that my wardrobe choices consist of bib-alls with stripes or without. 


2 & 3 Were that I both make and actually wear, Cloud Pants.


October 22, 2006  - I came up with number 4

Cell Phone fashion.


Plus One:

It took me nine months to finish this challenge.


Tag yourself and let me know if ya wanna play -- waiting on me to do it, could take a lifetime.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


A week ago, about, three signs of impending Summer appeared on the same day. Neighbor John, finished with planting and side dressing corn, stopped to run the little Plymouth around the track.

The "ladies" came to visit.  Ginger and Lilly, two dogs that show up once an early summer, take a swim in the pond, hang-out on the porch for a bit, then move on to the next place (I guess, I don't know, I never asked them).  But leave they do and in a year or so they return.  Once in a while dogs Ginger and Lilly are.

They look remarkably like my Buddy used to look.

Finally, Fireflys.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just Another of my Reluctantly Gained Skills

This is a photo of the completed task mentioned in the audio entry.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Evening Alone

What to do with an unexpected evening alone? After paring down the list of potential excitement, I chose to:

1. Cut my hair.  (Yes, yes, I know -- you would never, I pretty much had to.  Paint over spray season is upon me, it was chop off the hard black parts -- or -- well, the alternative I would never)  See results in the about me section.  It is a bit long, but the season is early, there will be opportunity (necessity) to trim.

2. Take a real bath. I was almost out of the tub when the door bell rang.  What the hell.  I suspect spies.  Ha!  I was wet and wearing whatever I hit first.  Serves em right.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Left With Hallelujah

I sat on the porch at the end of the day and the Sun set on a the perfect ending to a, well, absolutely typical day.  I was clean and dry after dirty and damp, resting following effort, a cooling eveng breeze blew against my sunburnt skin, the sunlight slanted and gentle golden after blazing white faded, slowly. 

Contentment in the experience of contrasts, for me, for me.

I have bought endles music CD's and loaded them onto computers, so as I could listen to them without botherin anyone.  'Cept the music lasts and the computers don't.  Transfers and licenses and all that left me this golden evening with nothing that would play except, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

Irony times three. That song has been sung prettier, but never more powerfully, I have a list of songs in the hundreds, only one will play tonight, it took the end of this day to reveal the glory of enduring.  Hallelujah.




Sunday, April 8, 2007

I Saw A Snipe

Two snipe actually.  Last week, after the flock of mixed blackbirds (mostly red winged), before the tumbler pigeon and on the same days as a pileated woodpecker, two snipe popped up from the grass of a field that I was in. Silly looking birds.  Snipe.

More later, perhaps, I need peace, quiet and time to write, all three have been in short supply lately, and have come in single scoops not the banana split version.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Audio entry

Audio entry

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cold that you can hear

Finally got cold here, winter, deep cold, a sound changing freeze.  Squeak, squeak, crunch is the sound of shoes on the snow. Wind over the taut electric lines adds a low string bass hum.  Jets overhead roar with sound amplified by the clear cold.  Recent weather from here.

Interesting activity:  Did you know that if you have a horseshoe magnet that has lost its magnetism it can be re-magnetized? I didn't either. Process involves wrapping 12 or 24 wraps of enameled copper wire around the magnet leaving wire hanging off of either end then touching one loose end to the positive terminal and the other to the negative terminal of a 12 volt (car or truck) battery. Touching as in zap, zap, zap a micro-second at a time, because the wire gets very hot very fast.  If for some reason you try this wear insulated welding gloves. The more you zap, the stronger the magnetism gets -- up to the original power of the magnet, I guess.  Did I mention the wire becomes red hot?

I wore leather gloves over thick rubber gloves, messin with 'lectricity calls for caution in my world.

Can't think of an interesting family story at the moment.  Ok, not completely true, the Easter when we got chocolate eggs filled with candy in our baskets and blue tile.  There is something -- dim, way back.  Will have to work on it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas Trees, Street lights, Moonlight and Ham

The Holidays, well, I managed to assemble and decorate THE TREE a full week before Christmas this year.  Better, it has been de-decorated and disassembled before the end of January.  <--- Don't laugh,  2 years ago February came and went and THE TREE was still standing.

Last year, I assembled the tree and finished decorating as the family was pulling into the driveway for Christmas dinner.  As I am on the subject of Christmas ...


Festive Christmas family story.

I lived with Mom and Nana for several years, one Christmastime they were both standing at the window oooh-ing and aaaahing over the Christmas stars that the folks across the lake put up all down the road.  They were beauooooootiful!  Rays and halos and ... I should come over and see!  I waked to where they were standing and looked  -- at street lights, same as always.  I looked at Mom and Nana and noticed that neither of them were wearing their glasses.  At that moment, I wished that I had the same eyes.

They both laughed when they realized that the stars were only visiable when street lights were viewed at Christmas time and  through their experienced eyes.


Wakies have been mostly uneventful and in the dark, lately, lately.  That time of year and the dark doesn't bother me, never has.  The woods change at night though, vision is less, sound is more.  Except last full moon night. In the light of that strange too bright moon, my earth and wood landscape changed to lapis and silver, as if I was walking through jewerly created for aincent giant royalty. Stunning.


Thoughts wandering through my head -- I predicted a major Mid-Western earthquake between Christmas and New-Years.  Proving that I am in no way psycic, it turns out that I was wrong.

More thoughts, why don't they make ham flavored dog food?  Three dogs in my life have been positively goofy over ham.  Dog Duke actually stole a ham off the counter and ate the whole thing while the family was off watching a warehouse fire visable from the top of a hill just across the street. Princess in her last days would eat only ham. Nothing else, just ham, spiral sliced, expensive ham.  She was worth it. Puppy gets all pouty if I won't share ham sammiches with him.  Ham!  Poo on beef chicken lamb veggie dog food.  Ham!