Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas Trees, Street lights, Moonlight and Ham

The Holidays, well, I managed to assemble and decorate THE TREE a full week before Christmas this year.  Better, it has been de-decorated and disassembled before the end of January.  <--- Don't laugh,  2 years ago February came and went and THE TREE was still standing.

Last year, I assembled the tree and finished decorating as the family was pulling into the driveway for Christmas dinner.  As I am on the subject of Christmas ...


Festive Christmas family story.

I lived with Mom and Nana for several years, one Christmastime they were both standing at the window oooh-ing and aaaahing over the Christmas stars that the folks across the lake put up all down the road.  They were beauooooootiful!  Rays and halos and ... I should come over and see!  I waked to where they were standing and looked  -- at street lights, same as always.  I looked at Mom and Nana and noticed that neither of them were wearing their glasses.  At that moment, I wished that I had the same eyes.

They both laughed when they realized that the stars were only visiable when street lights were viewed at Christmas time and  through their experienced eyes.


Wakies have been mostly uneventful and in the dark, lately, lately.  That time of year and the dark doesn't bother me, never has.  The woods change at night though, vision is less, sound is more.  Except last full moon night. In the light of that strange too bright moon, my earth and wood landscape changed to lapis and silver, as if I was walking through jewerly created for aincent giant royalty. Stunning.


Thoughts wandering through my head -- I predicted a major Mid-Western earthquake between Christmas and New-Years.  Proving that I am in no way psycic, it turns out that I was wrong.

More thoughts, why don't they make ham flavored dog food?  Three dogs in my life have been positively goofy over ham.  Dog Duke actually stole a ham off the counter and ate the whole thing while the family was off watching a warehouse fire visable from the top of a hill just across the street. Princess in her last days would eat only ham. Nothing else, just ham, spiral sliced, expensive ham.  She was worth it. Puppy gets all pouty if I won't share ham sammiches with him.  Ham!  Poo on beef chicken lamb veggie dog food.  Ham!