Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cold that you can hear

Finally got cold here, winter, deep cold, a sound changing freeze.  Squeak, squeak, crunch is the sound of shoes on the snow. Wind over the taut electric lines adds a low string bass hum.  Jets overhead roar with sound amplified by the clear cold.  Recent weather from here.

Interesting activity:  Did you know that if you have a horseshoe magnet that has lost its magnetism it can be re-magnetized? I didn't either. Process involves wrapping 12 or 24 wraps of enameled copper wire around the magnet leaving wire hanging off of either end then touching one loose end to the positive terminal and the other to the negative terminal of a 12 volt (car or truck) battery. Touching as in zap, zap, zap a micro-second at a time, because the wire gets very hot very fast.  If for some reason you try this wear insulated welding gloves. The more you zap, the stronger the magnetism gets -- up to the original power of the magnet, I guess.  Did I mention the wire becomes red hot?

I wore leather gloves over thick rubber gloves, messin with 'lectricity calls for caution in my world.

Can't think of an interesting family story at the moment.  Ok, not completely true, the Easter when we got chocolate eggs filled with candy in our baskets and blue tile.  There is something -- dim, way back.  Will have to work on it.


plieck30 said...

How in the world did you find out this tid bit of info.? Be careful, Paula

southernmush said...

Hello Mary.....

We have had tons of cold weather in Georgia but absolutely NO snow compared to others who have had snow. I am about tired of this cold on top of cold on top of cold. As R. Brimm wrote in his journal Chosen Words "Before we adjourn the session and go filing out to find a warmer place". I am about ready for the flowers such as the ones he's had in his recent entry tht come up during Springtime. I too am longing for Springtime but not the pollen that comes with it. I had no idea about the magnets you taught me something new with your entry. This evening you might be surprised to learn that I watched football tonight from start to finish. The Super Bowl game came on tonight. The halftime show was great too. It was fun seeing my favorite singer Prince perform.

I am so glad your still with us at J-Land. I look forward to your entries. Take care.

southernmush said...

Hey hey hey Mary !!!!!!!!!

Where are you these days ??? I miss your audio entries very much. I can't wait until your return. Take care my dear friend.