Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anybody remember Psssssst?

Once upon a time, in the days when hair was long and showers weren't three times a day there was a product to clean your hair without water. Psssssst. It smelled funny, didn't really work and if you accidentally sprayed it on your clothes - it left a white streak. Thankfully, Psssssst was banished to the good concept, bad reality closet.

Until now.  Someone has outed Psssssst. Take spray powder, add DEET and you have a product that smells funny, doesn't really work (as an insect repellant) and if you spray it on your clothes, it leaves white streaks. Unfortunately, spraying Off on your clothes is a necessary part of applying insect repellant.  Back to the oily insect repellant that smells funny but doesn't make me look like I have been assaulted by some urban tagger.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

And Then One Day In June

This time I wasn't waiting and wondering.  I wasn't looking, not this time this year. Same path, steps and green.  Even though I wasn't looking, the long hours of late June sunlight offered fragile magic. Again. One day they weren't. Lilies, blazing bright golden orange, today here, in a few days, gone.

Do I mourn because there isn't a chance that they will last more than a day or two, or do I celebrate that they happened at all? 

Friday, June 22, 2007

Welcome Summer!!

Of course, summer officially started yesterday mid-two-pm-ish, but weather being weather, I thought that I would give it twenty four plus to settle in.

I wanted to post a link to a song that says "Summer", but the only ones that I could think of were "Beach Baby" not really suited to a flat part of the world that hasn't been close to organized water since the Great Black Swamp was drained, and "A Summer Song" by Chad and Jeremy, which is more of an end of summer song.

There you have it, a bran-spankin new season, and no song to go with it.

What song says "Summer" to you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bless All the Dirty People (too)

Mike Rowe for Sainthood. 

What!?!  Don't look at me like that!  There are patron Saints for everything (except dirty people, I looked). 

It could be the fact that I was reading through some of my favorite Blog's tonight.  And ran across one that I bookmarked, meant to comment upon, but didn't.

It could be my last entry.

It could be the fact that The Fella and I watch "Deadliest Catch" and keep asking ourselves how many times can we watch people empty crabs out of a pot and stay interested?  Forever, it seems. Shrug.

Mostly, for me it is because the TV show "Dirty Jobs" has made my life infinitely easier.  If , on the way home, I HAVE to stop somewhere, and I get the disgusted useless yuppie "look", I look them right in the eye and say "You've seen the show Dirty Jobs"?  I have one of those.  Instant recognition and almost always a laugh.  Once in a while, a particularly pasty, out of shape desk jocky flashes a look of envy, almost.  Bless you Mike Rowe.

Weird Thing number Five!

"Oh, hey! Mary, you're clean!" The note of surprise in the voice of a rep. for a general contractor we work for almost, but didn't quite override the intended humor of the exclamation.  Realizing that likely he never had seen me wearing anything other than jeans, a T-shirt and five to ten pounds of assorted dirt, I laughed.

Yes, Dona, my friend, I (finally) found weird thing number five.

5.  Somehow, I became the sort of woman that appears in public so dirty, so often, that people are taken aback when they see me clean.

For those of you that have no idea what Five Weird things I am talking about:


September 22, 2006 (yes, almost nine months ago)
Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One

Nothing like a jab from a friend to get a journaler going again.  Dona from Blue Skies ... Gentle Breezes taged me:

Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One :

This should be easy.

1.  I am fascinated by Project Runway.  Ok that is not so weird, lots of people are.  But here is the deal, I watch the contestants sweat hemlines and details and wonder how anyone could ever know what "fashon forward" really means, while thinking to myself the entire time that my wardrobe choices consist of bib-alls with stripes or without. 


2 & 3 Were that I both make and actually wear, Cloud Pants.


October 22, 2006  - I came up with number 4

Cell Phone fashion.


Plus One:

It took me nine months to finish this challenge.


Tag yourself and let me know if ya wanna play -- waiting on me to do it, could take a lifetime.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


A week ago, about, three signs of impending Summer appeared on the same day. Neighbor John, finished with planting and side dressing corn, stopped to run the little Plymouth around the track.

The "ladies" came to visit.  Ginger and Lilly, two dogs that show up once an early summer, take a swim in the pond, hang-out on the porch for a bit, then move on to the next place (I guess, I don't know, I never asked them).  But leave they do and in a year or so they return.  Once in a while dogs Ginger and Lilly are.

They look remarkably like my Buddy used to look.

Finally, Fireflys.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just Another of my Reluctantly Gained Skills

This is a photo of the completed task mentioned in the audio entry.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Evening Alone

What to do with an unexpected evening alone? After paring down the list of potential excitement, I chose to:

1. Cut my hair.  (Yes, yes, I know -- you would never, I pretty much had to.  Paint over spray season is upon me, it was chop off the hard black parts -- or -- well, the alternative I would never)  See results in the about me section.  It is a bit long, but the season is early, there will be opportunity (necessity) to trim.

2. Take a real bath. I was almost out of the tub when the door bell rang.  What the hell.  I suspect spies.  Ha!  I was wet and wearing whatever I hit first.  Serves em right.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Left With Hallelujah

I sat on the porch at the end of the day and the Sun set on a the perfect ending to a, well, absolutely typical day.  I was clean and dry after dirty and damp, resting following effort, a cooling eveng breeze blew against my sunburnt skin, the sunlight slanted and gentle golden after blazing white faded, slowly. 

Contentment in the experience of contrasts, for me, for me.

I have bought endles music CD's and loaded them onto computers, so as I could listen to them without botherin anyone.  'Cept the music lasts and the computers don't.  Transfers and licenses and all that left me this golden evening with nothing that would play except, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

Irony times three. That song has been sung prettier, but never more powerfully, I have a list of songs in the hundreds, only one will play tonight, it took the end of this day to reveal the glory of enduring.  Hallelujah.