Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Anybody remember Psssssst?

Once upon a time, in the days when hair was long and showers weren't three times a day there was a product to clean your hair without water. Psssssst. It smelled funny, didn't really work and if you accidentally sprayed it on your clothes - it left a white streak. Thankfully, Psssssst was banished to the good concept, bad reality closet.

Until now.  Someone has outed Psssssst. Take spray powder, add DEET and you have a product that smells funny, doesn't really work (as an insect repellant) and if you spray it on your clothes, it leaves white streaks. Unfortunately, spraying Off on your clothes is a necessary part of applying insect repellant.  Back to the oily insect repellant that smells funny but doesn't make me look like I have been assaulted by some urban tagger.



jevanslink said...

That can looks obscene.  I'm just sayin.

Mrs. L

thisismary said...

Oh, Damn!  I am choking on coffee here.  It does.  Of course I wouldn't see that before I posted it in my blog.  Hell!  I am leaving it anyway.

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!!!!! I was wondering have you been to the grocery store lately ??? I have today and I had a good time. You should have been with me. Anywho...I thought I would pop over and say hello. Take care.