Friday, June 15, 2007

Evening Alone

What to do with an unexpected evening alone? After paring down the list of potential excitement, I chose to:

1. Cut my hair.  (Yes, yes, I know -- you would never, I pretty much had to.  Paint over spray season is upon me, it was chop off the hard black parts -- or -- well, the alternative I would never)  See results in the about me section.  It is a bit long, but the season is early, there will be opportunity (necessity) to trim.

2. Take a real bath. I was almost out of the tub when the door bell rang.  What the hell.  I suspect spies.  Ha!  I was wet and wearing whatever I hit first.  Serves em right.


jayveerhapsody said...

Mary, I LOVE the disclaimer you have on your blog!!! I should have had the same thing on my blog years ago. It's never been my intention to offend anyone - but in this super-sensitive society even benign words can be offensive to some..........    Jon

jevanslink said...

I just noticed your new photo, which may not be new to you, but it is new to me.  

Why is it that when the doorbell rings we feel so compelled to answer it?  I once got off the toilet to respond to some kid selling magazines -- sheesh.

Mrs. L

thisismary said...

Mrs. L. -- It is a brand spankin' new photo, taken just after my celebratory haircut 'n' bath. Whoopie!  

Anyway, doorbell ringers around here are rare. Unheard of actually (mostly because I refused to replace the batteries in the sending units until last week), dammit.  Not that I am anti-social.  Just avoiding the authorities performing wellness checks.

thisismary said...

Oh, and Jon -- the "about me" is preemptive.  It seems that one of my greatest talents is to say things that unintentionally chaps the behinds of some people.  Which, I might add, is a step above the 90's when an entire generation of anabolic steroid using males would go into a froth of rage every time I stood up. What was my point?  I don't know, hope that you do.  Love your blog - by the way.  Have you given consideration to Remo's suggestion of sleeping with chickens?