Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weird Thing number Five!

"Oh, hey! Mary, you're clean!" The note of surprise in the voice of a rep. for a general contractor we work for almost, but didn't quite override the intended humor of the exclamation.  Realizing that likely he never had seen me wearing anything other than jeans, a T-shirt and five to ten pounds of assorted dirt, I laughed.

Yes, Dona, my friend, I (finally) found weird thing number five.

5.  Somehow, I became the sort of woman that appears in public so dirty, so often, that people are taken aback when they see me clean.

For those of you that have no idea what Five Weird things I am talking about:


September 22, 2006 (yes, almost nine months ago)
Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One

Nothing like a jab from a friend to get a journaler going again.  Dona from Blue Skies ... Gentle Breezes taged me:

Five Weird Things About Me...Plus One :

This should be easy.

1.  I am fascinated by Project Runway.  Ok that is not so weird, lots of people are.  But here is the deal, I watch the contestants sweat hemlines and details and wonder how anyone could ever know what "fashon forward" really means, while thinking to myself the entire time that my wardrobe choices consist of bib-alls with stripes or without. 


2 & 3 Were that I both make and actually wear, Cloud Pants.


October 22, 2006  - I came up with number 4


Cell Phone fashion.


Plus One:

It took me nine months to finish this challenge.


Tag yourself and let me know if ya wanna play -- waiting on me to do it, could take a lifetime.

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