Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rain and a Dark Road

Number one reason why you should think twice about moving out to the country?  If, oh, say it rains an unusual amount and an intersection that almost never floods, does.  And if the water is moving, and if it is dark, and if you drive into the shouldn't be there water, you may just find your full size SUV swept into a deep water filled ditch.

If you smash out your back window, escape drowning and heroically climb to the top of your vehicle, you may still spend hours sitting on the roof waiting for someone to notice.

Happened last tuesday morning, just down the road from me -- line of sight from my house.  I was sleeping, he was sitting on the top of his SUV (I presume NOT sleeping).  He is fine.  I feel bad that I wasn't awake to notice that someone needed help.  But that is what happens out in the middle of nowhere, in the night, if you end-up in a ditch full of water, in the country.  You handle it yourself, and wait for someone a quarter of a mile away to notice, or you wait until someone drives by (which was the case this time).

Just something to think about.  This one ended happy, I have two horror stories that didn't.  I will tell them some other time.

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