Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saint or Drag Queen?

My alter ego "Nonnie" has changed her name and her blog address -- to believe it or not -- Fabiola!  ACTUALLY it is a saint's name (I KNOW that the first thing that I thought was -- wow, what a great name for a Drag Queen!)  I was so there from that moment on.  Saint's or Drag Queen's name, how can you go wrong?

Anyway, Fabiola now has a blog on blogspot (replacing poor Nonnie, who sadly, while a lovely gal, shared a name with a biscotti manufacturer).

I transferred all my "Nonnie" posts over there and added a new one.  I promise to update Fabiola more often than I did Nonnie.



delela1 said...

What's wrong with sharing the name of a cookie?  I love having Nonnie's with my coffee.


thisismary said...

Oh, Nonnie's biscotti ARE wonderful!  Love them, love them too.  (But this is just between you and me) My Nonnie cooks too and is, politely stated, just a little unpredictable, a little off beat, and destined to become more so.  Best to change her name now to avoid any potential problems.  :-)