Sunday, September 16, 2007

County Fair

Chores done, clothes clean and pressed, boots polished, off into a sweet, cool, September Saturday we drove. Sun setting, crowd gathering, friends waving, calling out over the roar of the tractor pulls.


Eating Corn Dogs on sticks, and fried cheese walking through the displays of tractors and attachments and ...

And then the barns. Talked to the sheep and goats that felt like talking (they stand on their hind legs, front feet on the top rail of their pens and call out to passers-by). Clucked at indifferent chickens. Visited the Grand Champion Dairy Cow. Watched a youngster leading his show calf (and sometimes the other way round). Took a photo of sleeping pigs.

Talked to friends encountered walking on the mid-way.  Sat on a bench and watched the crowds: Giggling gaggles of teenaged girls, elderly couples holding hands, half asleep children with helium balloons just barely clutched in their hands.

Ate pink cotton candy twirled on a paper cone while waiting, shuffling forward, waiting as the line to buy a hot powdered sugar sprinkled funnel cakes moved slowly forward.

Funnel cakes are last and to eat on the way out of the fair, because funnel cakes always deposit a drift of white on fingers and down shirt fronts no matter how carefully you try to eat them. So we always buy the funnel cake last and eat it on the way out of the fair, 

as the evening ends and so does summer, after the last day of the last County Fair of the season.


tommytickla said...

All sounds like fun. I'm sure the animals all enjoyed the human show. What are funnel cakes?

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!!!!

A County Fair I wish I could have been there to have joined you. I would have enjoyed this trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. Take care and its always nice hearing from you.