Saturday, October 13, 2007

That's Not It ...

First it was too hot, blooming ragweed and flying spiders.  Yes, flying spiders. (Wouldn't THAT just give our Faux Cowboy the heebe-jeebes? [He really does have a thing about spiders, I would link to one of his spider tales, but that would require an effort on my part]).   Then the weather turned all cold and drizzly and I had to break out my winter jacket and wear it under my rain coat.  I was working.  I am sick of looking at corn, clouds and wildflowers.  You, however, may not be.  Will post photos once I transfer them from my phone to here.  Wherever here is.


Oh, the flying spiders.  Apparently, once some spiders hatch, they spin a long stream of spider silk into a breeze and away the little spider-ling goes into the breeze.  As it happens, durring the too hot, ragweed part of the month, spiders, hundreds and hundreds of spiders hatched, spun their silk, flew into the air and I was down wind.  Made me forget all about the too hot and rag weed pollen that day.  It did.


tommytickla said...

Bungee jumping spiders? It'd make a great halloween atttraction.... creeping at the thought of it.

southernmush said...

Hi !!!!!!!!!

I have to say that I don't like spiders. I also don't like accidentally walking into a spider's web outside. It was a day of nice weather today in Atlanta, Georgia. I did go to the grocery store with my mom today which was fun. I not only shopped but a guy and I flirted with one another. I enjoyed my shopping trip and I can't wait to go back to the grocery store. Have you been to the grocery store lately ?? I can't wait to hear about the next time you go to the grocery store. Maybe you will share another audio entry with us.....hmmmm

Take care Mary.

jevanslink said...

I saw a spider in my bathroom that was so big I let him shower first.  

Mrs. L