Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fallen Leaves and Potato Salad

If you are taking some time this weekend to shop or start putting up your holiday decorations (or in my case -- wander aimlessly through the woods takin' pictures before putting up holiday decorations) AND you are local to Findlay, Tiffin, Fostoria or Carey -- Ohio, give yourself a break from cooking dinner tonight. Drive to 11 North Perry Street, New Riegel, Ohio. Paul's Market. Go back to the meat / deli counter. Ask for Lori's homemade potato salad.

Or homemade macaroni salad. Buy some. Pick-up somthing to go with it (I like ham for sandwiches, they also sell "ham chunks n slices" <-- that is what I call it, vacu packed in 2 or 3 pound packages another excellent excellent local product - no I mean it best ham I have ever tasted).

Now, I am a fair cook, been doing it for years, the fella grew up with a mother that could put together flavors like nobody's business. Evelyn was a great cook. Still, neither of us, on our best day, could come close to the (yes the rest of this post is going to be me enthusing about potato and macaroni salad) to the flavor of Lori's potato salad. Seriously. Little bit of mustard, little bit of pickle relish, boiled egg ... a zippy dressing that clings to the potatoes without going runny. Oh, and while the dressing has an amazing tangy sweet flavor it does not overwhelm the potato taste. I have no idea how she does it. I have been back 3 times to see if the first was just a fluke. Nope. Same wonderful salad every time.

Now, I am not just plugging a friend, I was in the store to pick up garlic knockers and ham chunks, went to the deli counter for potato salad, was asked if I had tried Lori's homemade salad, I said no - they spooned out a sample, I was forever hooked.


jevanslink said...

Just a half day's drive and I can be there.  Or you could meet me on the turnpike.  Unless the freeway is closer.  I'm gassed up and read to go.

Mrs. L

southernmush said...

Hi Mary !!!!!

Thanks for sharing this entry. I so enjoy coming to visit you and your journal. Thanks for the plug of the Potato salad. Do enjoy the holiday. I can't wait for another audio entry.

thisismary said...

Thanks Mushie!

Mrs. L.  one of these days I will head to your part of the world, I will be bringing potato salad (on ice, in a cooler).