Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ha! Kroger sent me a survey!

Ha!  I just filled out an on-line marketing survey for guess which store?  Yep! Myfavoritestoreinthewholeworld Kroger.

The marketing company emailed me the link to the survey because I have a Kroger card, and use it. As I clicked my way through the series of questions, I kept waiting for a question along the lines of ...  do you, buy chance, keep a blog and record audio entries from the grocery store, from time to time?  They didn't think to ask that. LOL.

Why would they?  They did have a question that asked why I shopped there, I could have picked 3 answers, they got one.  Friendly helpful employees.  To me that matters more than prices, selection, deli, produce, bakery, pharmacy or whether or not they have seafood.  The Kroger stores in this area have the friendly helpful thing down.

Friendly helpful employees is why I shop the Kroger and why I can't think of one thing that the stores with the surly or pointedly disinterested employees could do to get me to shop there unless I HAVE to go there.


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jcnspots said...

I get such surveys from Food Lion regularly, as I have one of their cards and, until the Walmart Supercenter opened nearly a year ago, it was where I was basically forced to shop.

Interestingly, no matter how hard I slam Food Lion- dirty store, disinterested employees, overpriced (and often poor quality, especially meat and deli) stuff, and the world's nastiest bakery, nothing changes.

Oh well, I enjoy telling them how horrible they are every couple weeks- gives me yet another avenue for a good rant or vent.  LOL!

southernmush said...

Hello my dear friend

I shop Kroger all of the time and they haven't sent me a survey. I might have to send them a note and complain about the fact that I didn't get a survey from them. They should know I shop there whenever I get the chance because I do have a Kroger card as well. I think that Kroger needs to hurry up and get me that survey !!!! Where oh where oh where is my survey ???

Thanks for sharing this entry. Your entries always make me smile. Thanks again for being here. Take care and happy holidays.

tommytickla said...

Why do you shop at your local store:

1 - They make me
2 - They call me names if I don't
3 - They treat me like a movie star. There's always a camera on me. Stuck to the ceiling.

southernmush said...

Hello again Mary !!!!

I recently went to Kroger and they have NEVER sent me a survey why is that ??? I went and bought cheesecake, some stuff to make sandwiches with, some books and quite a few other things. I think that Kroger needs to keep a record of those who visit most often don't you think ?? Thanks for sharing this. Take care.