Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hearing Voices

Had to work yesterday.  All day.  Out in the wind.  It Was a beautiful day though, for November, especially for November.  But my whole day was climb into the backhoe, load the dry floater (similar but not quite the same as my ag-gator)  six or seven scoops.  Out of the backhoe, into the floater, PTO engaged, first gear, floor it, turn on the chain drive, bounce over the field until the floater is empty, drive back to the loading spot, out of the floater, into the backhoe ...
Over and over and over again.  Deadly dull, crazy making repetition, then came distraction in the form of a voice.  Now I don't usually hear voices (except for Fabiola's -- but I have gotten good at ignoring her - mostly), back to the voices that I usually don't hear.  Never hear in fact.  Except today.
It could have been the voice of an angel, one sent to motivate and cheer.  That voice could have been a child angel, at least at first.  The angelic motivation started as a low whispered - zoom zoom.  But then the angelic child was joined, at first by a single male voice; deep, resonant then!  Oh Glory! An entire holy host of voices started singing a song of joy!
zoom zoom zoom,
zoom zoom zoom zoom!
Come-on people!  Sing it with me!  You know the tune!
zoom zoom zoom,
zoom zoom zoom zoom!
Ok, I wasn't hearing voices, it wasn't angels.  It was a Mazda car commercial.  But that choir of voices singing!  Strange but true, a commercial got me through an otherwise deadly dull day.
I love that commercial.  The car pictured is not flying down a highway, skidding sideways through parking lots, going airborn off of a ramp.  That car is doing none of the ubiquitous, over done and ridiculous, dangerous, illegal, things that almost evey other car commercial shows (then warns you to NOT do in tiny print at the bottom of the screen). 
That car is not even moving. 
The singing, the idea!  With this campaign from the first whispered zoom zoom to this last, glorious chorus of zoom zoom zoom Mazda has conveyed the idea that you can get the feeling of zoom zoom, without actually moving.   Can I hear an Amen?

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Tell it, sister!!  

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