Friday, November 23, 2007

Something Other Than Beige ...

Best part of Thanksgiving? Left-overs. Left-over mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry / orange sauce. Pretty. And the two compliment each other taste-wise. Other than that, thinking about yesterday's two meals, the color of almost everything else was some form of beige. Turkey, gravy, potatoes, dressing a neutral palette if not neutral in taste.
Anyway. Sister J and I chatted on Wednesday evening. The conversation wandered here and there and one of the things she asked about was if I had done an audio entry from the grocery store while I did my shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't, mostly because I picked-up a thing or two every time I went shopping for the last month or so.
Why am I rambling?
Twinkie tiramisu. In my conversation with sister J. she mentioned that she was making and taking to her holiday feast tiramisu made using Twinkies instead of the sponge cake base. Somehow, I got the idea that it was a recipe associated with Disney, somehow. Possibly, it was just that I know my sis is the bigest Disney geek that ever lived and my brain just automatically attached the two ideas. Maybe. Regardless, It sounded really good. Really really good. I haven't eaten a Twinkie in years, I believe that they are going to be on the menu in the near future.
Recipe here once I pry it out of sister J.

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jevanslink said...

Yams and sweet potatos are colorful too. Green beans, no?  I'm getting hungry now.

Mrs. L