Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank --- full

Today I am thankful for two wonderful meals, one at Aunt G's one here.  Tomorrow I am going to ...  I was going to say something about regret, but yanno, I won't.  Because every single calorie was worth it. 

That and for the first year ever, I did not burn the bottoms of brown and serve rolls.  How did I manage that?  I didn't buy any. That way I couldn't try to brown them, then burn them, then throw them away.  One Thanksgiving tradition gone!

I did not make green bean casarole either.  I made it last year, no one ate it, I threw that out too.  So ex-nay on the green bean casarole too.

I forgot the black olives!  This, I just remembered.

I discovered that cranberry relish is much better if a couple of spoonfuls of orange marmalade are added with the water and sugar, before adding the fresh cranberries. 

I ate too much today. Tomorrow I will start decorating for Christmas.

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