Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let It Snow!

As if I could make it stop ...  Lauging.

On the up side -- it has not snowed as much as the weather folk preditcted.  It has not blown around as much as they said either.

But it did and it is and Fabiola talked about it here .... and linked to a really cool online snowflake maker gadget.  Fun fun Fun!

And here ...  Walk in the snowy woods

And here ...   Railroad snow photos

And I am putting one photo from today here ...



tommytickla said...

Gosh - you have been busy with your aerosols of fake snow

thisismary said...

I have it brought in by the truckload.  Anything to create the right atmosphere!

southernmush said...

Hey Mary !!!!!!!!

I did enjoy your snow photos and I do miss your audio entries. How are you these days ????