Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Audio entry


southernmush said...

Hey Mary !!!!!!

Walmart huh ?? You should try and go to a Subway and get one of their delicious subs. You walk in Subway and the smell of bread baking is oh oh good. You got to go to Subway.

thisismary said...

Yep the Wally-World (remember that I am miffed at the Findlay Kroger -- my groceries ended up cascading into the parking lot)  and I was in Findlay anyway so I stopped -- and was delighted by -- of all places -- Walmart.  Who woulda guessed?  Sea Change at that store.

Subway.  Love it!  Just walking in, the aroma.  Sigh.

Thanks for stopping by my Journal Mushie!

southernmush said...

Hello Mary !!!!!!!

Where are you these days ?? Tonight my mom and I and my nieces took a little ride to Kroger and we were to get only 1 thing and we ended up picking up more than that go figure. Well we did some shopping and I bought two books and you can read about our shopping trip in my latest entry. I so miss hearing from you and I miss your audio entries.

I can't wait until your return. Take care and Happy Easter !!!!!!

southernmush said...

Hello Mary !!!!!!!!!!

I have been wondering where are you these days ??? Are you still with us ??