Sunday, June 15, 2008

Audio entry


southernmush said...

Hello hello hello Mary

Thanks for the hello to me it was nice hearing from you again. I have to say that even though the price of groceries at Kroger has gone up I still shop there. I do have to say that I wish I had been with you to go shopping at Kroger. I do love chocolate cake there and I could have been there to share it with you and the Brie cheese. I love love love love love love Brie cheese and crackers me and my mom both. I so wish I could have been with you to go shopping. Did you know that they have books in Kroger ??? Do they have a book aisle in the Kroger you go to ??? I love to go to the aisle and pick up a few books along the way. I also love to go to the ice cream aisle so I can pick up some Ben & Jerry's.

I just wish I could have been with you. Thanks for sharing your trip with me it sounded like you did quite a bit of shopping. They do have some new reusable cloth bags that you can have and take with you again and again to the grocery store. The plastic bags were just not usable they always tore on me and so I like the new cloth bags.

Anywho........thanks for sharing your Krogering with us

James said...

What happened to your last AOL audio entry? Just caught up with the email and found it's too late....