Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I walk in Wild Dog Wood when my soul needs rest.

 I walk in Wild Dog Wood when my soul needs rest.

I listen to the wind dancing with the leaves and I look into the green until the day's events are washed away. That process helps me to see things that I have walked by before, but never took the time to notice.  Today my eyes happened upon some of the fall mushrooms that appear in late September, linger a few weeks then disappear for another year.  Looking at some beautiful absolutely white mushrooms, thinking only that they would make for a lovely photo, I did not realize how close I was standing to deadly danger.  The winged white mushrooms pictured below are appropriately named Destroying Angel.  They are deadly poisonous.

The glowing orange beauties below I have looked at many times over the years, marveled at their bright pumpkin color then I walked on.  This year I poked around the internet and discovered something that I never suspected. 
 Jack-O-Lantern Mushrooms, if you happen to come upon one in the pitch black dark, glow from underneath.  I didn't know that when I took the photograph this evening.  I read about it after.  Then, of course, I waited 'till dark, walked back through the woods, turned off my flashlight, and waited.  Waited until my eyes adjusted to the dark, and then, slowly, a very faint greenish blue glow started to appear from underneath (the gills) of these mushrooms.  It turns out to be true.  Jack-O-Lantern mushrooms are faintly  bio-luminescent, underneath.  Of note, jack-o-lantern mushrooms are also mildly poisonous, not at all safe to eat not safe for children to handle, despite how very interesting they are.

So tonight, my View From A Farmhouse Window includes deadly poisonous beauty and glowing  gills.;postID=1144743580896688735

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