Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Time Traveler Arrived in my Home Today ...

Vintage Arpege

A time traveler arrived at my home today. A vintage bottle of Arpege. Arpege from before the reformulation that took it from a difficult complex masterpiece to yet another insipid floral.

I found it on eBay.  Yes, I know. Someone's grandmother's old left over perfume.  Liquid Gold, if you can wear it. I said if.  Arpege either works with your body chemistry, or it does not. Difficult. Either you have a strong enough personality to wear this perfume, or it wears you. Complicated. The original Arpege glides through several stages as the scent develops.  Aldehydes and citrus become Rose and Lilly of the Valley, the Rose lingers, then,  ... finally, the glorious Sandalwood and Musk (e n t i r e l y missing from the reformulation to my nose) begin to radiate through the Rose. Masterpiece.

My mother wore this perfume for special occasions, it is one of my most distinct memories of her. Arpege was my every day, all occasion perfume starting in my early twenties through the reformulation. It wasn't just a perfume that didn't smell like every third girl at the mall, it was my Achilles Shield in the world.

To me this perfume is the far off sound of rolling thunder, the glowing embers after a fire, the last moments of twilight before sunset.  Not for everyone, not made anymore, the world is a lesser place because of it. A time traveler arrived at my home today and transported me back decades. I believe that I will stay there.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Controversy over the Proposed Hancock-Seneca Wind Energy Center

Controversy over the Proposed Hancock-Seneca Wind Energy Center ... is, what is that phrase? Oh. A tiny tempest in a very big teapot.  A whirlwind in a wash tub.  So far anyway.    

As I stated in my last post on the subject,   And when the wind blows ...  I am smack in the middle of the proposed wind farm.  I do not have a lease for a wind turbine, nor will I, due to the proximity of turbines on neighboring farms.  I am fine with the project.  We need to start somewhere in developing alternate energy sources.  

My plan is to comment on the entire scope of the project, as I will be able to see a great deal of it directly from my windows. As I said, I am in favor, but I intend to present an objective report from the view of an affected but financially  disinterested viewpoint.

The links below will take you to three articles on the project, all seem informative and fair.  The comments are interesting.  Mostly they are negative, and strangely familiar to the negative comments that appear for ANY project from which the complainers don't benefit financially.  Destruction of the environment.  Dead wildlife.  Sick headaches caused by (fill in the blank project).

Review Times - September 21, 2011,2011,Sep,21&c=n

Advertiser Tribune October 5, 2011

The Courier October 5, 2011

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