Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Working in a Winter Wonderland ...

Some folk will tell you that in the winter, farm life for the womenfolk is all inside work, knitting and making quilts, and gazing out the window at winter wonderlands.  Who are they fooling?  That description is of a fantasy country life that appears only in the stories of real estate agents who are trying to sell "country living" to city folk, (and houses on wet ground to boot), and on the pages of country living magazines.  Made up fluff, like  Hallmark holidays, we love the thought, we buy the stuff, but it is no more real than my figment of a friend Fantastic Fabiola.

Winter on the farm means equipment maintenance, a lot of that must be done where the equipment is parked, which would be OUTSIDE.  That is what I did yesterday and will again today, so I had my alter ego Fantastic Fabiola post an informational on dressing in layers for work out in the cold.  <-- that link will take you to it.  Now I have to put down my knitting and go to work.

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