Monday, March 11, 2013

Egg Drop Soup – Purple Pork – A walk in the woods – and glasses lost New Years Day found

I made egg drop soup and the Fab’s Orientalish Pork for dinner tonight, because for a change, I had time and was around the house. Because I had time, I tried to get all fancy. [1] In the process of gettin’ all fancy, I decided to add red food color to the pork sauce to make it look more like the dishes found at the sorta Chinese Restaurant. I added too much which turned the pork bright red.  Drawing on my notions of color theory, I added green to turn the mess brown.  Red plus Green does make brown.  And the sauce was a lovely golden brown shade.  Unfortunately, the Green food color had a very aggressive  Blue to it.  The already Red pork grabbed the Blue and we all know that Red and Blue make — Purple.
Purple Pork.  Not as appetizing as I was hoping.  Tasted good though.
After dinner, I wanted to take a walk.  Puppy (of course) wanted to go with, he usually does.  This evening,Annoying Kitty wanted to go too. Yes.  That cat DOES go on walks with me and the dog.  Strangest darn cat.  Regardless, I wanted to do 2 miles.  The first round the cat went with and for once he kept up.  The dog and I decided that the cat should go back to the house for the rest of the walk, so we dropped him off.  The cat was not happy. The second round, the dog caught, killed and buried and ground hog, and because that took more time than I wanted to spend on varmint control during this walk, so after the second round, the groundhog breath dog went into the house.  I got to do round 3 alone, and while I was walking, I spotted a pair of reading glasses that fell into the snow on my walk on New Year’s Day. Snow had melted and somehow, I had not stomped on them in the meantime.
This was my evening.

  1. [1] THAT almost never works out, I have no idea why I still let myself head that direction. This is the story behind the recipe.